You are in charge of communication in a startup, an NGO, or a SME. If you are an expert, you probably don’t need me.

However, if you don’t feel totally comfortable, because communication is not your primary job, then I can help.

Your time being valuable, I provide you in record time (60 minutes, 10 times max, do the maths) with all the essential tools to enable you to do great work, make good decisions, and take full advantage of your skills, abilities, and available opportunities.



I have been working as a communication expert for 25 years for many businesses and institutions, and I have asked myself two questions: what do I do best, and what do I enjoy the most? is the answer.

If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s taking large amounts of information, summing up the essential points, and explaining them in plain language. Basically, my talent is to make things simple.

This is what I offer you with this live online training course, through a professional approach and a constant desire to help.


My training cycle is currently structured into ten main topics that cover all the essential knowledge you need to communicate effectively online.

Each live training session is developed as a toolbox. A first theoretical part explains the important concepts that need to be mastered. A second part deals exhaustively with the essential questions you need to ask yourself in the field in question. The third part provides tips & tricks and best practices that connect the dots between theory and your reality.

Sessions are given in either English or French.

Online Presentations 101 (free live training session)

Online Presentations online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix

Strategy & Content

Communication Strategy online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix
Online Communication Ecosystems online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix
The Art of Storytelling online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix

Online Communication Channels & Platforms

Designing a modern website online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix
Social Media online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix
Search Engine Optimisation online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix

Additional topics

Analytics online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix
Data visualisation online training session, delivered by Philippe Félix


I am a consultant. So I do nothing but make your life easier.

I offer you three different types of services that can be combined as you wish, according to your current needs.



The training sessions I offer are particularly aimed at communication managers working for startups, projects financed by public or European funds, or SMEs.

They provide, in a direct, very simple, visual and jargon-free form, a complete and synthetic vision of everything you need to know about online communication.

I provide my training sessions live and online. They are usually given in a one-to-many format, allowing excellent interactivity. They are essentially aimed at knowledge transfer, and are learning focused.



I also provide personal or group coaching. This approach is more “hands-on”, and aims to improve your knowledge and skills, often based on problems you encounter in carrying out your communication assignment.

My role as a coach is to accompany and guide you, based on my experience and expertise, so that you can find most solutions yourself.

Whether you work for a startup, a non-profit, a small business or a large corporation, your challenges are not the same. Coaching allows us to approach them in a much more personal and specific way.



If you don’t find, or don’t want to find the solutions to your problems yourself, I have good news: you can hire me to do it for you.

The areas in which I can help you correspond to the themes covered in my training courses: communication strategy, content strategy, brand image development, information architecture, web specifications, Search Engine Optimisation, editorial support on social networks…

If desired, these training sessions can quickly be tailored to your activity sector. I can also create new modules according to your needs. Finally, I can offer specific packages to communication agencies that wish to outsource their training and e-learning missions.



The training sessions take place live and online, on Zoom, because it just works better than others. It is also by far the easiest to use, and it is available on all devices. Lastly, I do consider Zoom security is good enough and privacy issues have been reasonably addressed.
All you need is thus a quiet place: lock your colleagues, your partner(s), your kids, cats and dogs in the cellar 🙂


The training sessions take place whenever you want. In the morning if you prefer to have a clear mind, during lunch if that’s the best time available to you, or at the end of the day – and even outside office hours – if you prefer to end the day on a high note. In any case, I will make several proposals that will enable me to group together participants with the same levels of experience and expectations.


Free session

per Participant

Online presentations 101

One hour together to learn how to be a  better online presenter. And an excellent online meeting’s participant too.


per Participant

Communication & Content Strategy

  • Communication Strategy
  • Online Ecosystems
  • The Art of Storytelling


per Participant

Communication channels & platforms

3-pack trainings +

  • Running a website in 2021
  • Mastering Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation


per Participant

Additional topics

6-pack trainings +

  • Exploiting Analytics
  • The Art of Pitching
  • Data Visualisation
These packs are organised in a logical way, from the most general to the most specific topics.
Other combinations are possible, depending on your needs.
20% discount for communication agencies.
Much more for groups of ten or more participants.


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Get in Touch

I have been working in the field of online communication since 1996, since the early days of the Internet. So I have had the time to learn almost everything about the problems faced by communication managers in a rapidly and constantly evolving environment.

As a communication consultant and trainer, my job is to make your life easier, by providing you with plain language, no bullshit and entertaining e-learning courses, which will enable you to carry out your communication tasks more easily, more effectively and with fun.

Contact me, and I will make you an offer perfectly adapted to your needs.

Philippe Félix

+33 (0)6 18 38 41 71

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